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Storage Entry Bench

Create a stylish storage bench to place your bags and shoes. Top of FormBottom of Form

Easy to build, this project adds to the design and functionality of your entryway area. Store grab-and-go items in attractive wire baskets placed in the cubbies. 

Project Completion Time: 3 hours plus drying time for wood finishe

Things You’ll Need

Scrabble Love Tiles

Make a thoughtful gift for your valentine this year, and spell out a special message in giant, wooden Scrabble tiles. This quick DIY project is great for using up scrap pieces of wood and is easily customizable to create other words or monograms.


Things You’ll Need

How to Build Floating Shelving

Floating shelves are simple enough in their construction to be completed by a novice, but they look expensive after some sanding and staining. The depth of your shelf can be easily customized depending on your storage needs. The shelf includes a finished shelf box that slips over a mounting frame, which is screwed into drywall anchors or wall studs. The frame is completely concealed so the shelves appear to float next to the wall. 

Kitchen Menu Board + Storage

Announce what you’ll be serving for dinner with a chic, handcrafted chalkboard menu. Housed in an attractive frame, this menu board includes a small shelf for storing both decorative and useful items.

Project Completion Time: 4 hours plus drying time for wood glue and finishes

Things You’ll Need

Different Ways to Hang the Kids Artwork

School is in session, which means it's time for a fresh, new way to display the children's artwork. Craft your own wall gallery using re-purposed picture frames and cork sheeting. Creating custom frame facings to fit over plain or unattractive salvaged or store-bought frames adds a personal touch to your children’s own creations.

Project Completion Time: 1 hour plus drying time for adhesives and paints.

Hanging Jewelry Box

To minimize clutter, create an eye-catching catchall to store your most frequently worn accessories. This hanging jewelry box has a shallow tray shelf to keep bracelets and rings safe, while longer necklaces can hang on drawer pulls or hooks.